October 2017


With the selfies of today’s society, many of us want to “fix” certain aspects of our appearance within our selfies. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner posting flawless selfies of themselves to social media platforms like Instagram, we seek to replicate certain aspects of ourselves to match theirs. The truth is, celebrities like those with loads of cash laying around can afford to match their appearances to today’s modern day’s standard of “beauty”. For those who don’t necessarily have that luxury or just don’t want to make too much of an effort to get that way, there’s certain selfie editing apps you can use to edit your photos.

Facetune is probably the most used by selfie-loving people of social media. It’s used by regular every day people and celebrities, making it a staple among those seeking a good photo editing app. You can whiten your teeth, sharpen the lighting, remove discoloration, and a whole lot more.


YouCam Perfect is another amazing selfie app that takes a more drastic approach to selfie retouching. With this app, you can apply makeup, adjust facial features and body proportions, and a whole lot more with the touch of a finger. This is one of the many selfie apps that can make you appear as if you’ve had plastic surgery without going under the needle.  How cool is that!


VSCO is a popular app that can efficiently edit the overall quality of your selfies, you can adjust the lighting in the snap of a finger, creating the perfect background lighting. It’s very easy to use and quick just in case you’re someone who doesn’t like spending an hour editing your selfies. I know we don’t.


It’s no secret that selfies are a staple among today’s technological society. For those looking to replicate their appearance to how they desire, a selfie editing app can be a great alternative for more permanent procedures.


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